TextUp Subtitle Generator for Final Cut Pro

A customer quote for the professional version of TextUp

This is the best, most life-saving-est plugin EVER.
I'm doing subtitles on some 5 minute mini-docos and this plugin cut the job down from 90 horrible, tedious minutes per doco to 30 fun, breezy minutes per doco.
With 20 mini docos to do, it's also restored my will to live.
THANKS AGAIN, best $45 ever spent.

TextUp is a generator which originally was based upon the idea of Apple's "Text" generator. The difference is that paragraphs are not drawn down from the Y-Origin but up. This can be very helpful in professional "Subtitling" situations. It also includes "Outline", "Box" or "Drop Shadow" options so you can setup your title in "one step" without many clicks.

There is also a commercial version TextUp Pro available which does include additional features:

  • Auto wrap text. Long paragraphs will be splitted into paragraphs which will fit into a "Title Safe Box"
  • Vertical align so that's somehow Text Up plus Text Center and Text Down. This can be helpful in many situations.
  • Outline for the text box.
  • Styles per paragraph (optional check)

To setup titles you always should have a broadcast monitor (or even a consumer TV) connected to your system -- or have a lot of experience.

Below some screen shots which may help to understand how it works.

Above: baseline is set by "Origin Y" where 0 is the lower "title safe" position.

Above: same baseline with a second paragraph.

Above: same as screen shot 2, but different outline color.

Above: same as screen shot 3, but shadow linked to the outline color.

Above: same as screen shot 4, but using a soft box.

And so on ...

With the commercial version text does wrap to the "Title Safe" bounds automatically. But the user still have full control for "custom" line breaks.
The Auto Wrap function is even more helpful when you use TitleExchange to import subtitles into Final Cut Pro from other applications.

The vertical alignment and text behaviour option allow to use standard subtitling alignment from the bottom, centered text which "spreads" out vertically from the center of the screen, or text aligned vertically to the top of the screen which goes down.

There are also additional options for the background settings. The "box behaviour" can be set to use the standard "subtitling behaviour" which only draws a box fitting the text, "lower third" behaviour which draws the box thru the full horizontal length of the screen. Or it can be set to "slate behaviour", this will fill the full screen with the given box color. You still have control for horizontal and vertical size as well as for offsets of the box.
Furthermore you can set an outline for the box as as well.

Combining these options in a creative way you will get subtitles, lower thirds and slates fast and with high quality (but as always view them on a broadcast monitor).

A simple box could allow to use "white on white" text, changing the softness of the box edges could make this more seemless.

You also can do strange things like below

A bit of blur does help here, even though it still doesn't look nice

Or you use it as "slate"

Or something straange like that

Hundreds of fast possibilities ...

Versions (free):

  • 1.0 First release
  • 2.0 Outline, box included
  • 2.1 Drop shadow added

Versions (commercial):

  • 1.0 First release
  • Auto Wrap long lines
  • Vertical alignment options
  • Box Outline
  • 2.0 Separate styles for each paragraph


To get the Pro version click the PayPal button below.

System Requirements:
  • Apple PPC/Intel (the faster the better).
  • 512 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
  • MacOS X 10.x
  • Final Cut Pro/FCE
For further information contact:

Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe
eMail: kiel@spherico.com,