TCR Plus

TCR Plus is a simple to use utility which allows a better and faster way for review and approval of cuts. It combines Final Cut Pro's XML power and a Final Cut Pro plugin .

The TCR Plus Plugin.
The TCR Plus plugin works similar to the standard Timecode Reader plugin but it has some additional options.

If you apply the filter to a clip it will show up as seen on the right.
It may look a bit odd when applied to a HD clip as the font size is relative to the frame size.
Play around a little to see what it does.

Some basics below.
Most of the options are obvious.
The TC Settings allow to retrieve the reel and the timecode (or frame if the timeline TC display is set to frames) from the current clip.
The Font Settings allow the use a font , size and color of your choice.
The background settings are pretty similar to those with the the standard 'Timecode Reader'. The options are 'Ignore Box' which is a quick way to overwrite the opacity, the 'Box Height' which extends the box towards the bottom of the frame and finally the 'Fill Screen Width' which extends the width of the box to width of the frame.
The 'Plus Settings' are not that obvious as they may require the 'TCR Plus' application to make sense.
The 'Ignore Plus Settings' will switch off the features and make the plugin just a 'better' TCR for Final Cut Pro.
The 'Plus Item' allows to select some clip relevant inforamtion label and automatically inserts the label name to the second line. You can still overwrite that label - this can't be displayed in the plugin interface but you'll see it in the canvas.
The 'Item Name' could be inserted for each clip by hand - but that wouldn't make too much sense. This will be inserted by the 'TCR Plus' application later.

The Setup

First make sure no clip has the 'TCR Plus' filter applied.
Also the 'TCR Plus' application will only process track 1 of your sequence.

Then think about what you want to have displayed in the ''Review Playout'.

In the sequence navigate to the clip which got the 'longest text' apply the filter, select your choice from the 'Plus Item' popup and manually enter the matching text -- in this case the text from 'Master Comment 1' and do the setup the way you need.
You can replace the label name by checking the 'Overwrite Label' and then type a new label name into the 'Item Label' field.

Then export the sequence as XML.
That's all you you have to do in Final Cut Pro.

The TCR Plus Application
It can be either used either as an droplet or with manual operation,
There is not too much to learn about to handle the 'TCR Plus' application as there is only one button.

Open the XML and wait. With bigger sequence XMLs it will take a while to "clean" the XML.
The app will search track 1 for the first 'TCR Plus' filter, then will analyze it and create a basic filter. Now all clips will be parsed and the information requested by the filter will be retrieved, the basic filter will be applied to the clip and the needed information will be replaced by the info of the current clip.
Just double-click the saved XML to re-import into Final Cut Pro.

As said above the app will search track 1 for the first 'TCR Plus' filter and go from there -- so if you don't like the result, just change the setup of the first 'TCR Plus' filter and try it again.

Issues and limitations.
The current demo will stop after 20 clips.
Standard issues: Final Cut Pro may interpret clip values like "00009" as 9.
Maybe there are issues I am not aware -- as always.

Click here to get a demo.

Buy serial number for full version

System Requirements:
  • Apple PowerMac G4 (the faster the better)
  • 256 MB RAM (more=better)
  • MacOS X 10.5 or higher
  • QuickTime 6.4 or higher
  • Final Cut Pro 4.1 or higher
For further information contact:

Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe