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myFiles is a proof of concept application and available as a free utility which is part of the X-Files Pro project.

myFiles will do a read-only query of any "fcpproject" of "fcpevent" type of file. This is non-destructive and totally safe.

Some users asked whether it is possible to see the file name used in FCP X. This could be done as well with SQLite queries, but is a bit more complicated. And in this case Apple might change the SQL structure cause of new features without any notification. So the latest version supports "fcpxml" as well.

It will show all media which are involved in an Event or Project. Not only that the file paths are displayed -- myFiles will tell you whether the media are availble or not on your current system setup.
The actual version allows to retrieve all video effects from a "fcpproject" file -- beside the project name you used when you started the project.
Seeing the paths of used effects is very helpful in case you want to transfer a project -- you can double check whether the used effects are available on the target system.

It doesn't matter where your "fcpproject" of "fcpevent" files are located, they even can be backup files FCP X created. Just open an Event or Project file or drag them onto the application's icon or into the table view of the interface.
Clicking a table column header sorts the media list.

Saving Media Lists
The media list can be saved as a tab-text file. This allows to compare different versions of Events and/or Projects with applications like BBEdit. Or you can import these files into your favorite database application.


myFiles 1.0 Release
myFile is a part of taking the mystery out of FCPX media management.
myFiles is free -- donations are welcome to make the app better.

myFiles 1.0.1 Release
Some more data columns are displayed and saved.

myFiles 1.0.2 Release
FCPXML support added.

myFiles 1.0.2b Release
More options for "fcpproject" files added -- 'original name', 'count of involved events' and 'paths to used video effects'.

You can download the application here.


System requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 +
4096 MB RAM

For more information contact

Andreas Kiel at



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