What is keywordExtractor (SKE)

SKE is a kind of skeleton app which reads FCPXML event files and extracts the keywords applied to clip regions. It's fast. The result includes clip name, the keyword, TC in and out.

Basic Workflow

The first step is to create an event XML with Final Cut Pro X.
Second step is to launch the keywordExtractor application.
Press "cmd-O" or click the "Open FCPX Event XML" button. Navigate to the XML you exported.
Save the resulting text file.
The result of the XML analyzing is also saved to the clipboard. To see how to use it look at the little help manual.

To learn more you can download the little help manual here

Download keywordExtractor for MacOS 10.6 +

Even though the app is free you might think about a donation. Make a donation



  • 1.0 first public release

Known issues:

Since an event XML saves a global TC at start mixed TCs might not interpreted correctly – this is a FCPX issue.
Maybe a later version of my application will change that.

Otherwise none. But as always there might be unknown issues.

Some thing you have to be aware is that FCPXML is at this time a kind of “baby” — so don’t expect too much.


Fine print:

As always use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
Support is based on a 'I've spare time this moment', so sometimes you may have to wait for a few days to get a response.
But I'll do my best.

System Requirements
• Apple Intel (the faster the better).
• 4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
• MacOS X 10.5 +

For further information contact
Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe
eMail: kiel at

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