X-Files Pro

X-Files Pro is a new utility application that gives under-the-hood maintenance and management controls to Final Cut Pro X users. It is comprised of several specialized tools inside of one application making a variety of tasks easier and faster. X-Files Pro is taking the mystery out of FCPX system management and maintenance.

Sparse Bundle Disk Images
Disk Images are an important tool to many FCPX users, but Disk Utility or Terminal can be daunting to some users and confusing. X-Files Pro has a fully functional Sparse Disk Image tool that makes these DMGs very easy to create, mount, unmount, track, manage, increase their size or compact them once they require. Sparse Disk Bundles for FCPX has never been easier or faster.

Mount/Unmount Presets
Since FCPX is based on hard drive volumes, there can be a need to mount and unmount specific drives in more complex system configurations, depending on what productions are being work with at the moment. X-Files Pro can not only mount and unmount drives for you, but identify the format of each drive, which ones have FCPX Events and Project databases on them, and allows you to create custom presets. With a few mouse clicks your drives are mounted, unmounted, and configured exactly as you need them to be, fast and easy.

Show/Hide Databases Plus
The way FCPX sees drives can make backing them up difficult without taking your backup drive offline. X-Files Pro can hide/show specified Events and Projects. Since hiding an Event could cause a Project to show offline media, X-Files Pro will point out related Events and Projects that rely on each other, letting you show/hide them together.

Event & Project Tracking & Management
When Event and Project libraries become larger, the need to track what Events and Projects are linked together, and are on/off line becomes a more daunting task. X-Files Pro will analyze your Events and Projects, showing which are linked together, what media is in each Event and Project, and determine what media is on/off line, and whether there are duplicated Events and/or Projects. All in one window, very easily, helping you track down problematic media and databases for quick troubleshooting and file management.

Project Backups
X-Files Pro also provides tools to create multiple, automated, background archive copies of your Projects and Events similar to Motion 5’s Autosave Vault. Storing them at custom set intervals while you edit. It tracks all backups making them easy to find, and can be run manually if desired. Reverting back to a previous version of your Event or your Project timeline is only a few clicks away.

Database Management & Repair
One of the most valued tools in the X-Files Pro kit is the ability to repair path structures and database IDs of accidentally moved Events or Projects. Thus giving a quick and easy way to manage and fix your FCPX databases.

Spotlight Metadata
Spotlight’s metadata structure and abilities can be pretty useful when utilized properly. X-Files Pro can assign metadata to DMGs, Events and Projects for even deeper media management. Tag a volume with “customer”, “production” and “production date” metadata as well as set custom mounting options to a custom preference file. Thus configuring and reconfiguring your system of multiple volumes quickly and easily, while being able to track what volumes are used for which clients and projects.


X-Files Pro 1.0.2 Beta Release
With application preferences allowing you to control the launching or quitting of FCPX, automated backups, and more, X-Files Pro is taking the mystery out of FCPX system management and maintenance.

As this is prerelease software, I expect the specifications and code to evolve over time. Please note: This Beta release is designed to be used by user wanting to become familiar with Apple's Final Cut Pro X structures. The software should be used carefully (or not used) in a production environment or on mission-critical machines.

There will be a free basic version which virtually handles all of your needs with sparse bundles and an extended version for a 55.00 EUR donation.

You can download a rough beta manual here.

You can download a time bombed trial here. (Expires October 12. 2013)
After October 12. 2013 only basic functions will work -- like DMG and Volume handling.


System requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 +
4096 MB RAM

For more information contact

Andreas Kiel at kiel@spherico.com



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