TitleExchange Pro

TitleExchange Pro (TEP) is a unique tool which makes complicated things both simple and fast when juggling with subtitles in collaborative environments.

It started as a basic tool for Apple’s Final Cut Pro about 10 years ago it is probably one of the most advanced tools available for the Apple Final Cut Pro (legacy) platform to interchange subtitle information. Using it with Apple's legacy Final Cut Pro could make this NLE the most flexible editing out dated software package in the world when it comes to subtitles.

But times change. TitleExchange Pro now does support a lot of other NLEs, authoring applications and “playback” platforms.

While Apple's Final Cut Pro X initial release there only were some limited options using XML and Motion templates. With the major update to 10.1 Apple did fix and enhanced a lot of title handling and XML things. So now it allows to have a nearly "full flavoured" handling of subtitles.

Other NLEs like Avid’s Media Composer allow a nice handling of subtitles as well, using TitleExchange will make the build in options of Media Composer even more flexible.

With Adobe’s Premiere Pro you can create titles or subtitles, but it lacks the option to interchange or even import text based subtitles. Using the CS Suite, which includes PhotoShop there is a workaround with TitleExchange. The application collection which comes with TitleExchange contains an application (psTitles) which uses PhotoShop scripting to render “Layered TIFFs”. The result is a collection of titles and an EDL, Encore Script and STL. The EDL can be used to import these high quality subtitles into PremierePro. Because of the close integration of all the CS applications the subtitles are editable during the whole editing process.

These rendered files also can be used with Avid Media Composer, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Encore, Apple’s DVD Studio and a lot of other NLEs which will allow EDL import. The psTitles application also allows to extract the text out of the PhotoShop layered TIFF files for any usage which won’t support rendered subtitles.

With Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 a new option was introduced: Graphic Text Titles. This new type can be handled with premiereTitles (not included in TEP).

But it’s not all about NLEs or authoring apps, a lot of the workflow with subtitles just requires to work collaborative with others who might work with their own subtitling application or just with a text editor to make a translation, correction or whatever. To make this workflow and communication easier TitleExchange offers an impressive amount of file formats for import and export - and some helper tools to bring simple text files into a format which can be used in a subtitling workflow.

So if you ever wished to get your titles out of Final Cut Pro (legacy or X), Media Composer or PremierePro into Apple’s DVD Studio Pro or Adobe’s Encore or other DVD or BluRay authoring applications or as a text file for a translation bureau, as a text file for spell and grammar checking, get titles into Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X from another source or a file from the translation bureau, create a QT movie with all your subtitles without the need of rendering, get your subtitles ready for DCP projection, add captions to iTunes, add captions to your YouTube videos or just "equalize" your titles -- TitleExchange will be your "one stop" toolset.

TitleExchange did help hundreds of companies (from big ones "down" to all the indies) to create and manage subtitles for thousands of movies in a shorter time than ever before -- saving both costs and "personal abrasion".

Over more than 10 years TitleExchange Pro became more "adult" and a bit more complicated -- the result of thousands of hours of development and testing. All the loyal customers helped to make TitleExchange better and better by providing extensive beta testing and valuable feedback, and I sincerely appreciate this support. But as with any other software there are happy and unhappy users — thanks to both of these groups, they help to make the app better every day.

Supported import formats

  • Adobe Encore subtitle script
  • Autodesk Subtitles XML - Smoke/Flame
  • Avid DS Caption
  • Avid Marker - in only
  • Ayato Text
  • Belle Nuit
  • BluRay XML - in only
  • Captionate - in only
  • Cavena MTL
  • Cinevation
  • CPC
  • Continuos Timed Text
  • DFXP
  • Digital Cinema XML DCP
  • DVD Studio Track XML - in only
  • DVDit
  • FAB Text
  • Feet/Frame - in only
  • Final Cut Server XML - in only
  • Final Cut Pro sequence XML markers (XMEML) - in only
  • Final Cut Pro XML (XMEML)
  • Final Cut Pro X XML (FCPXML)
  • Generic Timed Text
  • Gelula Text (DAS)
  • Google XML
  • iTunes Timed Text
  • MicroDVD - in only
  • MPL2 Text - in only
  • Qube Master
  • QuickTime Text
  • Sami XML
  • Sonic Scenarist Text
  • STL EBU - in only
  • STL Spruce Maestro
  • Structured Subtitles
  • SubBits
  • Subrip SRT
  • SubStation Alpha - in only
  • SubtitleHorse - in only
  • Swift Styled Text - in only
  • Titlevision
  • Universal Subtitle Format - in only
  • W3C XML - in only
  • YouTube
  • Adobe PhotoShop Image Sequences

Related applications (Apple Final Cut Pro X):

X-Title Importer (XTI) allows to create captions or titles for FCP X from Subrip SRT (font style, font color), WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags), iTunes iTT and other DFXP/TTML formats, Spruce STL (font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment), Youtube SBV, Chapterlist, Final Cut Pro X XML (chapters extraction), untimed text from transcripts, Comma separated text CSV.
Download here

X-Title Exporter (XTE) allows to export titles from FCP X to WebVTT, Subrib SRT, Texas Instruments DCP and Spruce STL.
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X-Title Caption Convert (XTCC) allows to convert captions to titles for FCP X It is fast and easy like XTCE and currently the only option to convert captions to titles.
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X-Title Caption Export (XTCE) allows to convert captions from FCPX projects to SRT It is fast and easy like XTCC and currently the only option to convert captions to SRT directly.
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X-Title Render which allows to create high quality rendered subttitles from Apple FCP X for Apple DVD Studio Pro, Abobe Encore, Avid, Autodesk Smoke/Flame and more apps.
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Related applications (Adobe Premiere Pro):

premiereTitles currently is the most advanced and most affordable tool for subtilte import and export from Adobe Premiere Pro.
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Links to help files for uploading subtitle files to YouTube or Vimeo and other services.:

TitleExchange comes along with several helper apps. To learn about them and the options download the help file.
Download here

Limitations of the free version: With some options only 100 titles can be converted at a time, you have to split STLs, XMLs etc. to work with big files.

Even though the basic app is free you might think about a donation to save some time for you and to support development.
Download the TitleExchange Pro Installer To get a serial number for a fully unlocked version of TitleExchange Pro version please support the development and customer support.
Make a donation here


  • 1.9.89

Known issues:
As always there might be unknown issues. Please report those issues.

Fine print:
As always use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
Support is based on a 'I've spare time this moment', so sometimes you may have to wait for a few days to get a response. But I'll do my best.

Apple Intel (the faster the better)
4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
MacOS X 10.9 +

What people are saying about the TitleExchange Pro

"Huge thanks for this tool and your help! Let me know if there's any way I can be of help. :)"

"Hi Andreas, You sir, are a JEDI MASTER! You have single handedly made it possible for ANY subtitler / Content creator struggling to get good workflow going for ingesting stable files. :)"

"... I saw you post at the Cow and tested it straight away; I've already posted over there that it seems to work flawlessly."

"...thank you for your hard work on these tools in Title Exchange!"

"Thanks again for the help! Your program really is a lifesaver, no idea how I would have been able to so international localizations for the latest "Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire" trailer while receiving random subtitle files from 16 different countries without it."

"So I love the formatting automation in the sugarfx plug. And the lesser steps. But having individual titles from XTI is such a plus. Now if I could just import the sbv with XTI that would be great."

"Spherico's Title Exchange Pro was the simplest and most versatile solution for us to get the subtitle formats delivered by our clients into the right format to finish in Smoke 2012 and 2013. The tools are well documented and with full of features one need to get almost every title format transformed into the desired format. Even our ideas and feature requests have been answered and implemented really fast. Thanks for that www.wefadetogrey.de"

"...Andreas took his personal time and effort to work through the problems I was having and to instruct me how to use the tool. He even went as far as to resize my subtitle files for DVD creation! Definitely, two thumbs up for a great product which is great for handling subtitles between applications ! And 3 thumbs up for the excellent customer service ! Andreas -- thank you so much for helping me to deliver a big project on time, I seriously could not have done it without your tools and help! Subtitling is far more complicated than I originally expected and there is so much knowledge at Spherico, I would gladly pay for any course offered on subtitling from the Spherico team !"

"I just downloaded and tried your TitleExchange. It's AMAZING! A really super tool! Thanks a lot for the creation!"

"As a professional finisher working in Hollywood, my clients demand expedient perfection on a day-to-day basis.... There is no program out there like this, nor do I expect you'll find this level of customer support on any other kind of software, he's just that good. Whether you're wrapping major motion picture DCPs, cutting a short film in Final Cut, or everything in between, this program really is the solution to all of your subtitle conversion needs. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone working in this industry, except of course our clients, who must think I'm some kind of wizard. I'll let them keep thinking that ;) www.stampedepost.com"

"(Translated from German) If I look at the Help Files or Preferences -- it's kind of a scientific work to understand. Andreas really creates useful tools. But he is not the one who makes it simple. Can anybody tell me whether there is some "quick 'n' easy" way and how it works … (problem solved)"

"I've just recently completed a huge dvd authoring job, 5 different languages and have been waiting for a opportunity like this to finally buy TEP. It's a life saver and Andreas is great with support."

"I love how there are people like Andreas Kiel producing cool tools like TitleExchange that make the nightmare tedium of handling hours of subtitles just that much more bearable"

"Thanks. I worked on some other options and discovered that I can export an STL sidecar from Premiere and then import it into TEP as a binary STL and then convert that either an STL Text file for DVD Studio Pro or an Adobe Encore file or as an FCP XLM file to import as TextUp clips in FCP. So once again your TEP has proven to be an amazing and indispensable tool."

"Thank you Andreas! I'm going to gift you a movie for your viewing pleasure as well"

"I am a non-techie documentary director who believes she should have nothing to do with the technical aspects of subtitling, or removing filter en masse. However, due to lack of budget, I have had no choice but to get involved in many technical aspects. When I purchased spherico's titleexchange, my producer admonished me, saying I was wasting my scarce budget. But it has been well worth it. It's a real time and sanity saver! Andreas has been amazing in offering technical support to someone who struggles with these processes. I am very grateful for his tools and his generous help! You have eased the stress... something $$ can't pay for. www.zantathefilm.com www.nowherehome.coml"

"TEP, XTI and XTE are brilliant little applications that just work. In an elegant way too, with all the time hands on preview, so you’re sure you’re subs are there.These tools are the only ones that talk with everything. Even in the unstable landscape which FCPX is, XTI and XTE are the only safe havens. Actually, the subtitle templates Andreas developed are more stable than Apple’s!!!! - Patrick Janssens, long form documentary editor, Amsterdam."

"Walked the dog, fed him, got back, tried it out. Piece of cake! And you said it would be. :)"

"Regarding add-on costs - Speaking of professional, I bill out at $2 a minute (which is a bit low in my market) therefore I need to only have X-Title save maybe 12 minutes for it to make sense."

"These pluggins are just amazing, so thank you for your work."

"A real credit to your tools being available to us."

"You've made a wonderful product, but even more impressive is how on top of things you are! Thanks again,."

"P.S. You have really created a masterpiece here. Even after all these years, your software is still on demand. Bravo!" "It's amazing how much you have put into this - you truly are the King of Subtitles." "I want to say a huge thanks for making your apps available publicly and I would like to donate towards your efforts as my huge appreciation." "Thanks for these ten (!) years, the code worked flawlessly..."

Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25
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kiel (at) spherico (dot) com
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