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X-Title Importer currently is the most advanced and most affordable tool for subtilte import into FCP X. It is a unique tool which allows an easy import of WebVTT, SRT subtitle files, YouTube SBV, Spruce STL, chapterlists and FCP X chapters as individual subtitles into Apple's Final Cut Pro X.

Since X-Title Importer comes along with several free Motion Templates designed for subtitling. Standard users can use use a simple "drag'n drop" mode while the advanced options allow to prepare subtitles for a professional personal, perfect and smooth integration into FCP X.

Beside supporting most Motion Titles starting with version 1.7 XTI also supports Digital Heaven's DH_SubtitleX Motion Generator. DH_Subtitle is a popular subtitle generator since early days of FCP. With the launch of FCP X it was updated to DH_SubtitleX. Now since the the release of FCP X 10.1 it is fully integrated into the X-Title group.

Subtitles are mostly created in a collaborative environment and in many cases not by the editor. But finally they have to be used by the editor.
XTI helps to make this process seamless.

XTI allows to convert subtitles from those common WebVTT, Subrib SRT, Spruce STL or YouTube SBV and other text based files into a FCPXML project file. You can use my TitleExchange tools to convert many other subtitle formats into YouTube SBV, Spruce STL or Subrib SRT text based file formats, even transport your subtitles from an older FCP project into a new FCPX project or the other way round -- lot of choices there.

To create files to be used with XTI there are several subtitle creation applications out there to create subtitle files for YouTube SBV, Spruce STL or Subrib SRT – one of the widely used cross platform and free applications is Jubler.

Supported source formats

  • "User Timecode" text
  • Adobe PremierePro DFXP
  • Belle Nuit Montage Subtitler
  • Chapterlist
  • Comma separated text CSV
  • EBU STL (Roman text only. Font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment)
  • Final Cut Pro X XML (chapters extraction)
  • Flash DFXP
  • iTunes ITT
  • MicroDVD Subviewer SUB
  • QuickTime Text3G
  • Spruce STL (font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment)
  • Subrip SRT (font style, font color)
  • Untimed text
  • W3 TTML (font style, font color, voice tags)
  • WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags)
  • Windows Media Player SMI
  • Youtube SBV

Related applications:

X-Title Exporter which allows to export titles from FCP X to WebVTT, Subrib SRT, Texas Instruments DCP and Spruce STL.
Download here.

X-Title Render which allows to create rendered subttitles from FCP X for DVD Studio Pro, Encore, Avid, Smoke and more apps.
Download here.

To learn more you can download the help manual here

See also the YouTube video created by the people from uSubtitle which shows how simple and fast it is to use XTI once you have created a vailid source file either by your own or using their excellent service.

There is another YouTube video from a LACPUG meeting in LA showing XTI in action presented by famous Michael Garber.

UK Editor Mark Thomas used it in a totally different way – just to comment several of his impressive music videos on Vimeo with burned in subtitles. Have a look at one project here or enjoy more of his work.


Download XTI for MacOS 10.5 +

Even though the app is free you might think about a 40 Euro donation to support development. Make a donation



  • 1.1.3b first public release
  • 1.2.3 fixes some timing issues, cleans XML templates which were formated badly by chance.
  • 1.3 cosmetic fixes.
  • 1.4 follows more the Final Cut Pro X rounding rules for time.
    Also user options and display of timecode are enhanced.
  • 1.5 has chapter and chapterlist import support.
    Style and colors are supported for SRT import (with FCP X >10.0.9).
    Clean up and retime of badly formatted SRT files.
    WebVTT support including voice tags.
  • 1.6 has FCP X 10.1.2 support and more style features.
  • 1.7 has limited support for Digital Heaven's DH_SubtitleX, some more style features, feedback form added, cosmetic fixes.
  • 1.8 full metadata mapping for WebVTT, full support for Digital Heaven's DH_SubtitleX voice tags, full support for Digital Heaven's DH_SubtitleX, partial support for TextUp Box Motion title templates.
  • 1.8.5 EBU STL, DFXP/TTML support
  • 1.8.53 SUB support
  • 1.8.64 User-TC, Untimed Text support, other fixes.
  • 1.8.69 Chapter Extraction (Chapterlist), extended TTML(DFXP), other fixes.

Known issues:

Adding paragraphs to a subtitle is not fully supported.
But as always there might be unknown issues. Please report those issues.
Empty subtitles will be ignored for some templates.
Multiple text entry title templates might not be supported.

Fine print:

As always use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
Support is based on a 'I've spare time this moment', so sometimes you may have to wait for a few days to get a response.
But I'll do my best.

System Requirements
• Apple Intel (the faster the better).
• 4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
• MacOS X 10.5 +

For further information contact
Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe
eMail: kiel at

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