X-Title Extractor

A new Mojave compatible version is available here:

XTE Mojave
In case the application won't install it's Motion Templates (or for use on other machines) TextUp 2018 Templates and Effects

X-Title Extractor (XTE) currently is the most advanced and most affordable tool for subtilte export from FCP X. It is a unique tool which allows an easy Export of WebVTT, SRT subtitle files, Spruce STL, Adobe Encore Script and DCP Interop.

Beside supporting most Motion Titles starting with version 1.4 XTE also supports Digital Heaven's DH_SubtitleX Motion Generator. DH_Subtitle is a popular subtitle generator since early days of FCP. With the launch of FCP X it was updated to DH_SubtitleX. Now since the the release of FCP X 10.1 it is fully integrated into the X-Title group.

Supported export formats

  • Subrip SRT (font style, font color)
  • WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags)
  • Spruce STL (font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment)
  • Adobe Encore Script
  • DCP Interop

Related applications:

X-Title Importer (XTI) allows to create captions or titles for FCP X from Subrip SRT (font style, font color), WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags), iTunes iTT and other DFXP/TTML formats, Spruce STL (font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment), Youtube SBV, Chapterlist, Final Cut Pro X XML (chapters extraction), untimed text from transcripts, Comma separated text CSV.
Download here

X-Title Caption Convert (XTCC) allows to convert captions to titles for FCP X It is fast and easy like XTCE and currently the only option to convert captions to titles.
Download here

X-Title Caption Export (XTCE) allows to convert captions from FCPX projects to SRT It is fast and easy like XTCC and currently the only option to convert captions to SRT directly.
Download here

X-Title Render which allows to create high quality rendered subttitles from Apple FCP X for Apple DVD Studio Pro, Abobe Encore, Avid, Autodesk Smoke/Flame and more apps. No license required.
Download here

Links to apps:

Links to help files for uploading subtitle files to YouTube or Vimeo and other services.:

Even though the basic app is free you might think about a donation to save some time for you and to support development.
Download XTE for Final Cut Pro X

1.6.01 Sierra current version

Known issues:
Subtitles in FCPX have to be in a "subtitle only" project.
Empty subtitles will be ignored for some templates.
Multiple text entry title templates might not be supported.
But as always there might be unknown issues. Please report those issues.

Fine print:
As always use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
Support is based on a 'I've spare time this moment', so sometimes you may have to wait for a few days to get a response. But I'll do my best.

Apple Intel (the faster the better)
4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
MacOS X 10.9 +

What people are saying about the X-Title Tools

"After testing the different srt import solutions for FCPX, one stands out for its efficiency and price. This is X-Title Importer.

"So I love the formatting automation in the sugarfx plug. And the lesser steps. But having individual titles from XTI is such a plus. Now if I could just import the sbv with XTI that would be great."

"Congrats for the software, it really works well and better than FXFactory Subtitle."

"TEP, XTI and XTE are brilliant little applications that just work. In an elegant way too, with all the time hands on preview, so you’re sure you’re subs are there.These tools are the only ones that talk with everything. Even in the unstable landscape which FCPX is, XTI and XTE are the only safe havens. Actually, the subtitle templates Andreas developed are more stable than Apple’s!!!! - Patrick Janssens, long form documentary editor, Amsterdam."

"Fantastic! And as always with your products you can learn so much invaluable background stuff from the manual - an amazing resource. You're a hero."

"It’s a fabulous tool, exactly what I’m looking for "

"Your app is going to save me a lot of work - thank you for developing it."

"Thanks for your great work, It´s really helpful."

"Every day I get more and more smart about my decision of buying your software!"

"Thanks again for the magical software and your support!"

"I tried out your app and when I realized how easy it made subtitles in FCPX I had to donate. Thanks man! Super helpful."

"I love the X-Title importer. This is what i need for FCPX."

"Good job you did with creating this app."

"tried your software for an educational project and got immediately caught by its functionality and flexiblility. Adding subtitles to videos is always a boring process but now, thanks to X-Title Importer, it all became fast and effective. It definitely works like a charm. Great job, really!"

"We are approaching the end of our series, and couldn’t have done the subtitles at the speed at we did without XTI. Thank you for a great application! It genuinely simplified the mundane job of subs tremendously and allowed us precious time on other aspects of the creative process."

"I wish you good luck with your great program, that can safe people a lot of time."

"Thank you so much Andreas !!! I feel grateful knowing you, really... "

"OMG I finally can move out of SugarFX, I don't know how much time I've lost with them. Thank you !!!"

"My suggestion is to A) listen to Andreas Kiel - and B) find something he makes to BUY. We need to keep him financially viable so he stays around a long time to keep developing cool stuff for X. He's a treasure. My 2 cents. Bill Davis on Creative Cow"

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