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"User A: Are you from heaven?
Me: No - and hopefully not any time soon ;-)
User B: ...but andreas is an angel – savior of subtitlers."

X-Title Caption Export (XTCE) currently is only available tool for FCP X to convert 'captioned projects' to SRT files. It is a unique tool which is incredibly simple and fast - it's even easier and faster than exporting a CEA from FCPX.

FCPX since version 10.4.1 allows to create subtitles directly in the timeline with ease - or you just can import CEA-608 or iTunes iTT files. This is a huge step forward but is dedicated to create Closed Captions.
For those who like the simplicity of this handling but want the options of SRT files for a wide use in social media and HTML players it is the perfect tool.
Just drag a project from the FCPX browser to the application window - or an fcpxml to the app's icon or application window. That's it. The app will ask which stream(s) should be converted and the resulting SRT file(s) can be auto-saved to the desktop or a user defined folder or manually to any other location.

The current version is free for all current X-Title Importeror/Extract owners. For others the limit of subtitles is 88 subs per language - you can make a donation to get rid of this limitation.

Related applications:

X-Title Caption Convert (XTCC) allows to convert captions to titles for FCP X
It is fast and easy like XTCE and currently the only option to convert captions to titles.
Download here.

X-Title Importer (XTI) allows to create captions or titles for FCP X from Subrip SRT (font style, font color), WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags), iTunes iTT and other DFXP/TTML formats, Spruce STL (font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment), Youtube SBV, Chapterlist, Final Cut Pro X XML (chapters extraction), untimed text from transcripts, Comma separated text CSV.
Download here.

X-Title Render which allows to create high quality rendered subttitles from Apple FCP X for Apple DVD Studio Pro, Abobe Encore, Avid, Autodesk Smoke/Flame and more apps.
Download here.

Download XTCC for Final Cut Pro X 10.4.1+ +

Even though the basic app is free you might think about a donation to save some time for you and to support development.


  • 1.0.04

Known issues:
Nothing known yet.

But as always there might be unknown issues. Please report those issues.

Fine print:
As always use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
Support is based on a 'I've spare time this moment', so sometimes you may have to wait for a few days to get a response.
But I'll do my best.

System Requirements
• Apple Intel (the faster the better).
• 4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
• MacOS X 10.9 +
• fcpxml Version 1.8+

For further information contact
Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe
eMail: kiel at
spherico.mail at