X-Title SRT4Translation

X-Title SRT4Translation (S4T) is a simple and efficient tool to check and prepare SRT files for translation or simply change encoding.

FCPX version 10.4.4 and higher allows to import SRT files. This is a huge step forward but non standard encoded SRT files often will fail. SRT4Translation is your free helper here. The app works for other NLEs and apps as well.

Just drag a SRT from the Finder to the application window. That's it. The app will split the SRT into the timing data and dialogue text which can be auto-saved or manually to any other location.
Use that file for translation or with Google Translate, then open the translated file and merge it with the timed SRT data again.
The current version is free - but you can make a donation.

Related applications:

X-Title Exporter (XTE) allows to export titles or any type of captions from FCP X to WebVTT, Subrib SRT, Adobe Encore script, Avid DS Caption, Texas Instruments DCP and Spruce STL. Even more exciting: you can convert any closed caption track into an open caption track using the TextUp Motion Titles or a template of your choice. This makes it the perfect companion when working with Facebook or other social media. Last not least, Motion Title based open captions can be converted to SRT or ITT closed captions tracks with a snap of the fingers.
Download here

X-Title Importer (XTI) allows to create captions or titles for FCP X from Subrip SRT (font style, font color), WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags), iTunes iTT and other DFXP/TTML formats, Spruce STL (font, font size, font style, horizontal alignment), Youtube SBV, Chapterlist, Final Cut Pro X XML (chapters extraction), untimed text from transcripts, Comma separated text CSV.
Download here

The app is free. You might think about a donation to save some time for yourself and to support development.

Download SRT4Translation here

1.0.05 Optional: strip colors and/or styles

Known issues:

As always there might be other unknown issues. Please report those issues.

Fine print:
As always use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
Support is based on a 'I've spare time this moment', so sometimes you may have to wait for a few days to get a response. But I'll do my best.

Apple Universal
4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
MacOS X 10.11 +

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"A very fantastic and useful app as usual, BRAVO"

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