premiereTitles (PTi) unfortunately doesn't work with PPro 2021 at this moment. If you are coming from PPro 2020 or earlier import will work fine with your templates.

premiereTitles (PTi)

In 2016 premiereTitles was the first, most advanced and most affordable tool for subtitle import and export for Adobe Premiere Pro (Open Caption "Graphics And Type").

premiereTitles is the only application available which allows to transport style settings from subtitle sources to graphic subtitles inside Adobe Premiere Pro.
With user defined templates, it is easy to match open caption styles to those needed in your project. With two working modes, you can decide to make either a fast conversion with a simple drag and drop or use the "Preview" mode to review and edit captions before converting them.

To learn more - Download premiereTitles help manual.

Supported import formats
  • Subrip SRT (font style, font color, alignment)
  • WebVTT (font style, font color, voice tags, alignment)
  • Adobe Encore script
  • Adobe DFXP/XML (font style, font color, alignment)
  • Adobe PremierePro Markers (csv)
  • Avid DS Caption
  • EBU TTML (font style, font color, alignment)
  • EBU TTML-D BBC (font style, font color, alignment)
  • EBU STL (Roman text only. font style, font color, alignment)
  • iTunes ITT (font style, font color, alignment)
  • MicroDVD Subviewer SUB
  • Netflix/Amazon DFXP (font style, font color, alignment)
  • SMPTE TTML (font style, font color, alignment)
  • Spruce STL (font style, alignment)
  • Untimed text
  • "User Timecode" chapter text
  • Youtube SBV

Supported export formats
  • Adobe PremierePro 'Graphics And Type' title XML
  • Subrip SRT (font style, font color, alignment)
  • Web VTT (font style, font color, alignment)
  • YouTube Chapters
  • Untimed Transcript

Related apps
  • X-Title SRT4Translation (S4T) is a simple and efficient tool to check and prepare SRT files for translation or simply change encoding.
  • Untimed Caption Tool (UCT) Working with NLE and captions using untimed text from a transcript, song text, lyrics, poem etc can be a tedious job. This simple app which will handle the basic things easy and fast.

Limitations of the free version:
Only 25 titles can be converted at a time.

Even though the basic app is free you might think about a donation to save some time for you and to support development.
Download premiereTitles To get a serial number for a fully unlocked version please support the development and customer support.
Make a donation here

Activate your app:
  • Quit the premiereTitles app.
  • Open the X-Title on the installer disk.
  • Choose your license type (X-Title PremiereTitles).
  • Replace the text in ALL text fields with the values you received with the license email (first entry / name, second entry / last name, serial number).
  • Verify.
  • Once everything is okay, save the values.
  • Open the premiereTitles app again.

Known issues:
  • premiereTitles (PTi) unfortunately doesn't work with PPro 2021 at this moment. If you are coming from PPro 2020 or earlier, import will work fine with your templates
  • Not a bug: With the free version only 25 titles can be converted at a time.
  • Subtitles have to be straight left-to-right or right-to-left types. Adobe Premiere Pro doesn't allow mixed types like used in some Eastern countries.
  • As always there might be other unknown issues. Please report those issues.

Fine print:
As always, use the app on your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damages that might happen.
 Support is available only for users with a valid serial number.

  • 1.0.0 (12m) current version

Apple Intel (the faster the better)
4096 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
MacOS X 10.12 +

What people are saying about premiereTitles

"This is another amazingly useful and well designed tool from Andreas. No-one understands subtitling better than he does.
I highly recommend this latest offering to anyone who needs to work with subtitles in Premiere Pro.
Simon Ubsdell - tokyo productions"

Thank you for making what is ultimately going to be one of the most useful "plugins" for Premiere I will ever use. Just tested this out and it worked flawlessly to convert a simple distilled duplicate of my project file's shot ID markers (done in text layers) into SRTs to pass off to a colorist. Holy shit that was not only fast, intuitive, and useful, it was worth every dollar I just donated.

Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25
DE 76135 Karlsruhe
spherico (dot) mail (at) gmail (dot) com