Motion Template Tool

The Motion Template Tool is a one stop application to install and manage custom Motion Templates in an easy way for FCPX users.

The tool is helpful for both developers and users. It provides a simple hassle free way to install custom templates, change some installation settings and make backups of the template installations.
One also can create disk images for backup and/or distribution.

The Motion Template Tool is free of charge as long as you use it for distribution of free Motion Templates or for backup purposes.
A donation though is appreciated.

You freely can distribute or host the installer disk image for free Motion Templates as long the license agreement is supplied and the application is not modified.

To learn about the app (and handling custom Motion Templates) you can download the manual here

To get the full install click here

System Requirements:
  • Apple Intel (the faster the better).
  • 1024 MB RAM (more = better), enough space for virtual memory
  • MacOS X 10.6.x, or higher
  • Apple Final Cut X - recommended
  • Apple Motion 5 - recommended
For further information contact:

Andreas Kiel
Nelkenstr. 25, D-76135 Karlsruhe